"Yosef Zaritsky (1891-1985), the Israeli painter, once said: "draw etudes, not paintings".
An etude is like an exercise, an attempt that holds within the next etude, a kind of a play.
In other words, a statement not concluded that carries no obligations, with a clear vision
and the courage to dare. "Never…" Zaritsky used to say," never try to draw a masterpiece.
Finalize nothing!"
Yeshayahu Yariv, "An etude and a painting", from "Here, the light is dark"

It seems that the work of the architect can also be viewed as a sequence of etudes.
A constant search for the suitable space, the human proportions and the right texture
that will together create a new place.

Our projects, the intimate space, the open and built landscape, and the urban texture,
are all part of a process of learning, research and creation, a sequence of etudes.

In each project we try to deal with the physical, social and cultural context
and with the specific program. We try to bring knowledge from previous projects,
add new knowledge, answer unsolved questions and raise new questions,
which might find their answer in the next project.

Above all stands the image of the man: inhabitant or flaneur - for whom we try
to create a new experience of a place.